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 Europe Game Entertainment!

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PostSubject: Europe Game Entertainment!   Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:19 am


We are thinking about:

1) Finishing GunZ Server for 100%.
2) Adding a GTA - Online Sevrer.
3) Adding a Cabal Server.
4) Adding a WOW Server.
5) Adding a Flyff Server.
6) Adding a Counter Strike Server.

Really, it seems like a dream now, but we hope we will do that in the up coming days/months/years/never..

This is just what we spoke about a few, but we are at the new servers 5%, GTA Server we may can add easy, my friend had an offline server, and he may help us a bit if we got any problem in adding it, anyway, a GTA Server seems pretty easy to do..

I have still a 100% working + free GTA Online Client =)

I hope you like this project...

About the Gunz Server, we are calculating a small down time..

1) We notices some glitches in our database. ( we are going to have problems with this in some database connections with a new web or any new connection we set, anyway, not harmful.. the server work 100% fine and this fix is a time thingy which we will do )

2) We need to change the whole Database engines for better performance and other things which i am not allowed to say =) .

3) Client needs some work in Textures/Runnable/AntiCheat/MRS files(xmls, etc..).

4) We need more custom items/devs.

5) We need a better Web Site for www.toffigunz.de .

6) We have a new Web Site which we are not allowed to use(stolen from x), but we will do it with a few edits O_o .

7) Launcher Slowness reduce, we got a fix and it should work for 99% but we still didn't test or apply it.

Cool Game Design needs to be changed/edited some.

9) There is a way to add a sound to "9", i saw how from a while but was too lazy to try to code it, i don't know if we do this.

10) Channels edit maybe.

11) Some new maps/maybe a lot new maps from x.

That was all i think.... = )

Thanks for hearing Very Happy

-----> You see something bad? not fair?, Contact me immediately, *please*

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PostSubject: Re: Europe Game Entertainment!   Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:34 pm

Make Maplestory too xD
and is gta grand theft auto? if it is then it would be so awesome
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Europe Game Entertainment!
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